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    Be patient with yourself. You grow at the rate you’re meant to grow, you heal at the rate you’re meant to heal. Have faith in yourself. Even when you’re lying on the floor of the shower sobbing. Even when you can’t get out of bed for weeks. Have faith in yourself. You are given what you can handle, you have the strength in your heart to go on. And you are here for a reason, I hope you know that. And I hope you hold on to the forever burning light ahead of you (I know it is so difficult to see sometimes but it is waiting for you). You were not made for the darkness.

    Loss is inevitable. Cry when they go. Whisper to them through the stars. And instead of letting loss scar you and make you hide from the ones you love in fear of losing them too, love them even more. Appreciate the small moments shared. Let death be a reminder that this life is not long and that you must reach out and grab something if you truly want it. Be honest, be raw, be forgiving. Know that when your loved ones leave, they are not really gone. Death is nothing more than a transition. They will visit you in dreams, in feathers, in knocks on the window, in closing doors. You carry parts of their soul with you eternally.

    When someone walks away from you, do not beg them to stay. Do not hold on to their ankles hoping it will stop them. Let them keep walking. Not everything is meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes people come into your life to show you a new light and a new dark. If your heart is full of them, let it remain that way. Love them through the leaves, through the people you interact with, through the moments alone, through unsent letters. Some people make homes in our hearts and it is difficult to tear them down. Let them leave anyways. If they are for you, only time can tell.

    Do not look at another person with hatred in your eyes nor judgement in your heart. Let jealousy come and let it go. Love them because they are lucky enough to have the beautiful things that you desire. Bless them. Do not look down on someone for gossiping, for speaking harshly, for causing pain, for hating. The ones who are hurting and do not understand how to feel their own pain choose to inflict it on others. It is not a characteristic of an evil spirit, but a struggling one. So when someone is mean, remember the pain you can’t see inside of them and love them. Forgive them for their actions. Forgive them for their words. Love them.

    Emery Allen (via emeryallen)